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  1. Arrogance. Front and Center. Selling His Own Kid Short.

    I'm too busy to put this hitter side by side with a high level hitter. I don't need to any more. I can now see truth without doing that.

    If anyone wants to put this side by side feel free to do so.

    Dad, KevinG, loves this swing. It plays well at the amateur level. Will not play at high levels. Long. Sluggish. No snap. Our front barrel speed. Good pitchers will exploit this swing. ...
  2. Fall/Winter Schedule To Date

    My fall/winter schedule.

    11/6-11/10: Ventura,CA
    11/13-11/16: Appleton, WI
    11/20-11/22: AAA player coming to StL
    11/27-12/1: Phoenix, AZ
    12/1-12/3: Miami, FL
    12/8-12/10: Orange, CT
    12/15-12/17: Houston, TX
    12/27-12/29: New York, NY
    1/2-1/4: Chicago, IL
    1/8-1/12: Ventura, CA
    1/12-1/14: Chicago, IL
    1/19-1/21: Mechanicsburg, PA
    1/29-2/2: Ventura, CA

    Contact me if you'd like ...
  3. BBD Tour

    Recently got invited back to BBD. Spent two days there.

    Quite the cesspool.

    Builder claiming he taught me. LMAO. Has a strong desire to jump on the Teacherman bandwagon. Not allowed. Until he gets a pulling rear leg.

    Chappedass still chirps but has zero following. No one listens to him.

    TDS and his dynamic balance is slow and will not hit good pitching. His desire for two legged BB/A$$ prevents the swing quickness and adjustability ...
  4. Liars Lie. Cheaters Cheat.

    Once again....TDS....FiveFrameNoSwing....and the rest of them.....refuse to post a swing of them or their students because it will reveal they are 100% wrong on the one leg versus two leg issue.

    You will not match the pattern of the great hitters by swinging with two weighted legs. It is impossible. They are guessing. They stare at a monitor and guess. And continue to refuse to seek truth.

    They have ZERO interest in the truth. Their interest is in protecting their ...
  5. Yeager the Quack: Will Never Let Truth Interfere With His Opinion

    Afterall....he has a Phd. YET IS A HITTING MORON.

    The last segment regarding Ext Rotation and Int Rotation of the rear leg is total poppeycock. Horse manure. Butt crap.

    Just have to point out that it is proven that he is wrong. Yet he will not admit it.

    Just trying to save as many as I can.

    Carry on.
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