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  1. Iíve Had A Good Couple Of Days

  2. This IS NOT a Demonstration of the Ferris Wheel

  3. Avoid The Latest Exit Velocity Launch Angle Scam

    There is a scam working across the country. Supposed hitting instructors using data to convince their players or their fathers that they got better. They get an initial reading. Then they train you. Then they show you a new reading that is better. And claim you are a better hitter.

    But the kid still can't hit.

    Don't fall for it.

    There is one truth detector and one truth detector only that measures a kids ability to be the best he can be. And that ...
  4. Fall/Winter Schedule To Date

    My fall/winter schedule.

    11/6-11/10: Ventura,CA
    11/13-11/16: Appleton, WI
    11/20-11/22: AAA player coming to StL
    11/27-12/1: Phoenix, AZ
    12/1-12/3: Miami, FL
    12/8-12/10: Orange, CT
    12/15-12/17: Houston, TX
    12/27-12/29: New York, NY
    1/2-1/4: Chicago, IL
    1/8-1/12: Ventura, CA
    1/12-1/14: Chicago, IL
    1/19-1/21: Mechanicsburg, PA
    1/29-2/2: Ventura, CA

    Contact me if you'd like ...
  5. BBD Tour

    Recently got invited back to BBD. Spent two days there.

    Quite the cesspool.

    Builder claiming he taught me. LMAO. Has a strong desire to jump on the Teacherman bandwagon. Not allowed. Until he gets a pulling rear leg.

    Chappedass still chirps but has zero following. No one listens to him.

    TDS and his dynamic balance is slow and will not hit good pitching. His desire for two legged BB/A$$ prevents the swing quickness and adjustability ...
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